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Sorority membership is for a lifetime, so you know that your sorority sisters will stand by you way beyond the four years that you are in college. Explains another sorority woman: “My sisters encourage me to be a leader, and they support me in all of my endeavors. My sisters will bum around with me, go to random events with me or take me out for a special occasion. My sisters will share my joys and sorrows, and they will stand with me on my wedding day.”

I have heard many BSO women express sisterhood by using this quote: “From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never describe it.” This may be true to an extent — it is hard to understand what sisterhood is until you experience it yourself—but many woman describe sisterhood as the feeling that their sorority sisters will always be there for them through the good times and the bad. 

Sisterhood — it’s the reason for sorority. There are many benefits to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and its membership, but few are greater than the unconditional and lifetime bonds of friendship that we call sisterhood.

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When we talk about sorority membership, we often talk about sisterhood — but what does sisterhood really mean? Sorority women are connected by their rituals, their philanthropic causes, their values and sometimes their living arrangements. At some point along the way, they become sisters. Sisterhood is not a bond that happens overnight; just like forming a friendship, it takes time and effort. However, sisterhood is one of the most rewarding aspects of sorority membership, so it is definitely worth it.

Beta Sigma Omega women say, “My sisters are unconditional friends. Sure, we may get into arguments or rub each other the wrong way, but at the end of the day everything falls back into place because we are sisters. We share a bond that cannot be forged with just anyone.” Many chapters have similar values and goals, but sisterhood bonds form when a group of sisters all work together to accomplish goals.

Sharing a common ritual, or secret traditions and ceremonies that are unique to each sorority, also forms sisterhood bonds.  Another sorority woman says, “I love that my sorority sisters have found a love and value for the same things that I strive to live by in my life. When I participate in my sorority’s ritual, I feel that the women with me — regardless of our differences — ultimately want the same things I do.” Ritual events are important and almost sacred to sorority women. A sorority may perform a ritual at certain chapter meetings, during Founders’ Day celebrations and for new member initiation.

What Service Means to Beta Sigma Omega: 



Welcome to the Beta Sigma Omega Chapter website. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. has built a legacy of service and change that have permeated African American culture since 1908. The Beta Sigma Omega Chapter, established in 1937, works to fulfill the organizations’ mission “Service to all mankind” through creative program initiatives, community engagement, and community partnerships.

Our current International Program, Launching New Dimensions of ServiceSM focuses on programs in five target areas: Educational Enrichment, Health Promotion, Family Strengthening, Environmental Ownership, and Global Impact. We will also render service through our Community Impact Days and our signature program ASCEND.

Each of the over 250 members of Beta Sigma Omega Chapter share a commitment to the community. We are grateful that you have taken the time to browse our website in an effort to learn important information about our energetic and hard-working chapter. We realize that your support is critical to the success of our efforts in impacting the communities we serve. Thus, we ask that you continue to help us by partnering with us to bring about positive social change through our fundraising activities and monitoring this site for announcements relative to our extraordinary community service initiatives and public events.

We encourage you to continue to browse our website for more information and updates regarding our community-based programs, activities, and events that serve the needs of Oklahoma City.

Yours In Service, 

Monica A. Finley 
Beta Sigma Omega, Chapter President 




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